Pop culture trends

Florence And The Machine began to find fame in early 2008 and, although the name Florence had already been popular to some degree, this correlates with a big increase in girls being given this moniker, from 449 in 2006 to 788 in 2009.

Total: 14003 Girls

Perhaps the most well-known celeb with a geographical name, Brooklyn Beckham was born in 1999 which was followed by a huge spike from 0 boys names in 1998 to 87 in 2000. Prior to this, Brooklyn was popular as a girls name.

Total: 3028 Babies

Paris Hilton was a huge figure in popular culture in the early 2000s, with 480 girls being given her name in one year at her peak. However, since Paris left the public eye, the popularity of the name has been on the decline.

Total: 3227 Babies

Orlando Bloom made his breakthrough in 2001 with Lord of The Rings, with further success in 2004 with Troy, which saw an increase in the name Orlando, from 23 in 2000 to 63 in 2005.

Total: 926 Boys

The London Olympics in 2012 saw an increase in the city’s name being given to babies born during that year, rising from 19 in 2011 to 33 in 2012, before returning to a lower level from 2013 onwards.

Total: 168 Babies